WBHA Rules and Regulations


All member leagues must follow the rules and regulations of the Canadian Ball Hockey Association. To view these please click here.


Game Length: 

  • Two minute warm up + 2-15 minute STOP time periods.
  • In the 2nd period if there is a 5 goal spread then the clock runs until the score is back within 4 goals.
  • There is NO overtime during the regular season.
  • During semi finals, there is one 5 minute sudden victory period.
    • If the game is still tied after this there will be a 3 man shoot-out.
  • During the finals overtime is 10 minutes sudden victory and we keep playing until someone scores.
  • Elimination games go directly to a shoot out.
  • Each team is allowed 1 time out per period or overtime.
  • Teams do NOT change ends during overtime.


General Rules: 

  • All players and goaltenders are to wear CSA approved equipment.
  • Helmets must be securely fastened, if your helmet falls off you must put it back on immediately with chin strap fastened or get off the floor. Failure to do so results in a 2 minute penalty.
  • Spitting on the floor is a minor penalty.
  • ALL stick penalties are 4 minutes long. This is NOT a double minor.
    • If you get scored on your team returns to full strength.
    • The player stays in the box for the entire 4 minutes until the first whistle.
    • This counts as 1 of the 3 and out calls.
  • High sticking the ball is a 2 minute minor and is blown immediately.
  • New: 2 minute minor if the goalie shoots the ball out of play, as long as its not over the players benches.
  • We do not use NHL faceoff rule when penalties are called.
  • We use automatic icing and it’s the red line
  • Offsides are per ice hockey but once you gain the zone the defending team must clear past the red line. When tagging up you just clear blue line.


Team Rules:

  • Players must be dressed alike. Same jerseys and base colour for pants or shorts.
  • All equipment is to be covered. Shin pads if they have plastic and elbow pads.
  • This is to be strictly enforced during the provincial championships.
  • Each player must sign up on the OBHF forms BEFORE they play their first game. 
    • This is for insurance purposes.
    • Teams not adhering to this will forfeit that game and be fined $125.00. 
  • Every player MUST pay the $15 insurance fee when they sign up. 
  • In order to play in a game you must be on the scoresheet, dressed and ready to play before the start of the 2nd period. You can dress 18 runners and 2 goalies.
  • Team rosters are due after the completion of the 6th game. At this time you can NO longer add players or have anyone sign. 
    • This is the OBHF deadline as well as WBHA. 
    • All signaures may be verified at anytime. 
  • Forfeits are $175.00. The league will review ALL forfeits and teams may be kicked out of the league due to forfeits. 


Line Changes:  

  • After each whistle the neutral zone referee will first ask the visiting bench if they want to make a line change.
  • Then they will ask the home bench.
  • He will the point to the referee dropping the ball.
  • Once that referee blows his whistle the place is now ready to begin and time outs CANNOT be taken.



  • All referees are certified and carded.
  • They are also required to wear a helmet
  • Verbal or Physical abuse will NOT be tolerated at anytime.



  • The Windsor Ball Hockey Association are hosting this years provincials.
  • They will be held the weekend of August 18th to the 20th.
  • We will be sending 2 teams.
  • Regular season champ gets the HOST seed. 
  • The playoff champ receives 2nd seed.
  • If regular season champ makes it to finals and a 3rd team is needed, the highest regular season team, by points, will get the 3rd spot.
  • If the regular season champ does not make it to the final, the runner up would get the 3rd seed. 
  • This was voted on by the 6 teams. 
  • Each teach will be guaranteed 3 games. 
  • We should get to use our home rink. 
  • Adie Knox is the other arena as of now. 
    • If 4 pads are needed we will NOT use Adie Know and South Windsor would be used instead. 
  • ALL players in the provincials MUST show I.D. prior to their first game.
  • Referees will verify this by OBHF supplied bracelet. 



(As per City of Windsor By-law)


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